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Yandere High is a Minecraft series created by the 2 youtubers, ItsFunneh, and GoldenGlare. There is up to 21 episodes, as of 15 January, 2016.

Plot (Episode 1 & 2)

2 girls named Funneh and Gold go to Yandere High for their first year of high school. They go to class late because they stopped to get ice cream. For their Punishment, Mr. Draco makes them introduce their selves. When their Language class ends, they go to Biology. They go to disect a rabbit, but for talking to much they have detention, and for spawning rabbits all over the place, they have to go to the principal's office. But before going to the principal's office, a girl named Liv wants Funneh and Gold to fetch her a Pendant in the Boy's Locker Room to make them the most popular girls in school. Once Funneh and Gold get detention again in their next class for blowing up half of their classroom, but instead of going to detention again, they instead go lunch. After lunch, they find the Pendant for Liv, and they go to P.E. They forget to put on their P.E kit, and after finishing P.E, they decide to go get some fresh air. But upon looking over the parking space, they see Yandere-chan sitting under a tree, spying on Senpai. They both then decide to go back inside. Then Mr. Draco tell them that they don't have any more lessons. So they go home and have dinner. They see that Mr. Draco has a dorm, too. In another dorm, there is PaintingRainbows lying in her bed, they ring her doorbell, but she doesn't wake up. So Funneh and Gold creep into her dorm, and steals her fruit from her fridge, and they go back to their dorm. Funneh eats rabbit stew and raw beef, but the rabbit stew makes her have diarrhoea that stinks up their dorm. After a few seconds, the smell is gone. Finally, they decide to call it a day.

Plot (Episode 3)

Funneh and Gold wake up to make breakfast. Before checking the mailbox, she tells Gold to make the breakfast that morning, and when checking the mailbox, they get money, and a letter from their class teacher, Mr. Draco. He tells the duo that for blowing up half the classroom, they have to pick a class pet and name it for this semester. Gold can't cook, so Gold wants to eat cookies, but the last cookie in the jar is Funneh's cookie. So instead they eat the fruit that they stole from PaintingRainbow's fridge the night before. So they both go to Pet-O to get a school pet and a pet for theirselves. The store is mostly empty, but for the school pet, they pick a pig, and a rabbit for theirselves. When they bring the pig and the rabbit home, the pig cannot fit through the door. So they steal a door from Mr. Draco's Dorm. Funneh decides to name her rabbit Mr. Fluffington and Gold leaves the name for the pig for the viewers. Finally, they go to sleep.

Plot (Episode 4)

It starts of with Funneh buying Gold a PSL at MineBucks when Gold texts her. When Funneh comes home, she finds that Gold has bought lots of stuff with a credit card that she got. She bought more pets and food, and Funneh wonders how she payed for all of it. She sees that she bought pets like a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. Funneh looks into Gold's room and sees that she has revamped her entire room that look very expensive. Funneh gives Gold her PSL and checks the mailbox. She sees that Gold has bought lots of stuff that fills the entire mailbox. The present that Gold opens is full of teddy bears. She bought an Ender Dragon Toy, a Wither Skeleton Toy, and a Horse toy. They go to open another package, and there is a Doll that looks like Funneh. Funneh gives one package to Gold, and in the package that she keeps, she finds dirt bikes. There is also a letter from another teacher named Ms. Herojoy. She sent a congratulations letter to them both telling them she's so happy they bought a new class pet. They wrote a list of names for the duo to pick. Most of them are names saying that they want to eat him. In their schedule, their school time ends at 12:00 pm since their is no plans for the 4th lesson. Since Funneh doesn't want Gold buying more things, she takes the credit card away from her and puts it inside her drawer. Funneh then lets Gold pick her dirt bike. She picks the blue and they go to school, but upon getting there, there is a sign saying that the Halloween Dance will come soon wrote by Principal Falkhorn.